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The market of the future belongs to financially sound partnerships that mutually exploit synergy potentials to achieve joint goals. Ideas are developed in order to be put into practice. Hence the reason why wesbau also endeavours to foster sound working relationships with fair, reliable and efficient partners. Over the past few years, this is how residential and commercial assets have been acquired, developed and successfully marketed. The assets have been marketed to institutional investors as well as to wealthy private persons, foundations and family offices.

Investments in the residential and commercial sector are handled either by wesbau alone or with co-investors in the large conurbations of the old West German states as well as in Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden. In this regard, the company aspires to property development and the takeover of portfolio properties in the areas of trade, office, residential and social housing from an investment volume of 10 million euros.

We will also apply our experience in the purchase and sale of properties for third parties. This is where our wealth of experience as property developers and builders and our network to national and foreign investors present significant advantages.

The assets we have not kept in our portfolio have been sold primarily to private, wealthy persons, foundations, family offices and to institutional investors. Our fundamental aim is that our partners and customers benefit from our consulting activities and the services we provide in the buying and selling of properties. Specialist knowledge and many years of experience as property developers and builders, along with a comprehensive network to national and foreign investors provide the ideal basis for a good effective and trusting working relationship.
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