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Over 1 million (respective asset volume from 10 million up to 225 million) square metres rented floor space, numerous attractive properties and having handled a property development and investment volume of more than 3 billion euros are testimony to the farsighted and success-oriented approach pursued by wesbau – a fact that is reflected in excellent service, viable concepts and creative ideas.

Excerpt of references

Mannheim-Wohlgelegen district „Quintett“
Friedrich König Straße
Mannheim „Bürohaus Luisenpark“
Theodor Heuss Anlage

Frankfurt „Convis“, Hanauer Landstraße 135-137
Berlin, „Anthropolis“, Holländerstraße

Mannheim-Quadrate, B7
Quadrate, C7
Quadrate, C6
Quadrate, L7

Munich „Boardinghaus“, Dachauer Landstraße
Property development
Munich „Apogeo/Central Tower“, Landsberger Straße

Acquisition of housing associations:
• WBG GmbH approx. 1500 housing units
• Delmenhorster Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbh approx. 660 housing units
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